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Promote our student competition – become a project partner!

The fight against hidden hunger is not a battle of our own. Many have already supported us by spreading the idea of the initiative and drawing attention to the issue of hidden hunger.

Would you also like to help in the reduction of meanwhile 2 billion affected people? We are looking for companies who want to support our initiative. Join us in making Hidden Hunger a topic at German and Zambian universities and simultaneously promote the intercultural and communicative skills of these young adults.

How? Maybe in the joint selection, evaluation and development of scientifically based approaches used to combat the hidden hunger in this year’s competition in Ivory Coast.

Or support us in the realization of the winning projects of the last competition in Zambia: “For Zambia by Zambians” and “Samaki”, the selected approaches to the problem of Hidden Hunger by cultivating the fiber banana and building re-circulating fish tanks in Zambia.

At this point we want to thank all friends and sponsors who have already supported us. A special thanks goes to one of our supporters in Ivory Coast. Since 2015, the Jacobs Foundation has been dedicated to improving the living conditions of children in rural areas in the Ivory Coast. The aim of the Jacobs Foundation is to support future generations in a sustainable manner by improving the development opportunities of children and adolescents so that they can become productive and socially responsible members of society.

We are also looking for supporters in future competitions with special competences in Africa and would be very pleased about your commitment to our initiative!



Let us talk about the possibilities of involving your company!

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