All Projects 2016

“Saving lives through prevention is per se a task with a global objectives. […] The Students4Kids initiative considers a micronutrient-rich diet as a key factor in the prevention of disease and early death. […] Imminent aid through students who participate actively as inventors to contribute to development cooperation by transferring reliable knowledge of preventive medicine is the core of the foundations initiative.” – Prof. Assmann

In the first competition, the initiative focused on Zambia, one of the countries most affected by hidden hunger. The students joined the challenge with high commitment and impressive creativity and brought forth innovative and convincing concepts. The decision for the jury was tough. Finally, the Assmann Foundation for Prevention decided to award two projects. The project teams For Zambia by Zambians and Samaki report here about the progress on the implementation of their project ideas.

From the 24 projects submitted, our jury preselected 9 ideas, which were elaborated into a detailed concept by the students with the help of the feedback from our experts. Out of the top 9, three teams were invited to the Summit in Berlin.

All projects at a glance

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