Brochures and publications

Final Report 2018 (German)

Project Manual 2018: Students4Kids in Uganda*

10 good reasons to get involved against Hidden Hunger in Uganda (2018, German)

Social Media Guide 2018 (German)

Final Report 2017 (German)

Project Manual 2017: Students4Kids in Ivory Coast* (German)


Guide 2017 (French)

10 good reasons to fight micronutrient deficiencies in children in Ivory Coast (2017, German)

Final Report 2016 (German)

10 good reasons to fight micronutrient deficiencies in children in Sambia (2016, German)

Unfortunately most of our brochures are only available in German. The project manual from 2018 gives a good and brought overview of the competition. If you are interested to learn more about what we do please don’t hesitate to contact the project office of the Assmann Foundation for Prevention.

* For the second Students4Kids competition, a project handbook was prepared for the first time, providing the students with comprehensive background information on the hidden hunger and giving the participants an initial overview of the situation in Côte d’Ivoire. The method section served as auxiliary material during the detailed concept development in the second competition phase. Since Ivory Coast is francophone, much of the project manual has been translated into French for our Ivorian students. For the project manual 2018, the timeline of the 2018 competition can be see here and the Uganda card as a German one-page document is also available as a separate download here.

Further documents from 2016 will follow shortly.

Advertisements and interviews in the F.A.Z

The competition entries for the initiative and the respective final interviews with Univ.-Prof. Gerd Assmann will be published here soon.

Conditions of participation 2018

The terms and conditions of the Students4Kids 2018 competition can be viewed here and are also available for download.

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