Partner Country: Uganda

A Portrait of an African Country

Our Partner Country: Uganda

In this section, the partner country of this year’s Students4Kids competition is briefly presented: Data and facts about Uganda, visual impressions of its people’s lives and their voices give an impression of this country.

With its government paper “Vision 2040”, Uganda has presented an ambitious programme to eliminate poverty – the main cause of malnutrition – by increasing economic growth by a factor of twenty. New income from the export of oil and cocoa is also expected to make a decisive contribution to improving the country’s food situation. Due to the stabilising position that Uganda is taking for the entire East African region, practical ideas against the micronutrient shortage will be exemplary well beyond the country’s borders.

Therefore, Uganda offers favourable government conditions for “bottom-up” initiatives against hidden hunger.

Impressions of Uganda

In a sixteen-picture documentary series for Students4Kids, award-winning photographer Esther Mbabazi from Uganda provides insights into her homeland. At the heart of her work are its people: Their everyday life, with its small and big challenges and successes.

Esther Mbabazi’s Instagram:


Voices from Uganda

In short interviews, people from Uganda introduce themselves and let us participate in their lives, their achievements and difficulties.

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