Scientific Papers

Key for ideas

In order to be able to develop ideas concerning the overcoming of micronutrient deficiencies, solid expert knowledge is a prerequisite. High-level scientific publications make it perfectly clear, however, that we still do by far not know enough about the effect mechanism and about the interaction of micronutrients.

The essay “The Epidemiology of Global Micronutrient Deficiencies“ by R. L. Bailey, K. P. West and Robert E. Black is suitable as a quick introduction to the current scientific state of knowledge about hidden hunger. The new documentation issued by the International Task Force for Prevention of Cardiometabolic Diseases contains concise information on the preventive potential of micronutrients in foodstuffs.

The publications presented here in the Scientific Papers key for ideas serve as a basic reading for those who want to understand particular aspects of hidden hunger based on scientific analyses and recommendations as well as with the help of further literature

Read in a creative manner, said publications may possibly contain practical recommendations for action that are readily realisable and help shorten the frequently long way towards the acceptance of scientific results in practice.

Scientific Papers

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