Food: Only the Best for Children!

Short description

This project’s idea is to sensitize communities on the different types of food and the exact quantities that can help in the better and healthy growth of children in Uganda as a way of stopping malnutrition.

The problem we aim to solve

We want to reach as many acutely malnourished children as possible to achieve maximum program coverage. This aspect includes community assessment of nutritional status, community mobilization, active case finding of the acutely malnourished and referral plus case follow up.

A child who does not have an appetite, does not gain weight and exhibits medical complications is admitted to a specific hospital to be treated. When the child has regained the appetite and successfully treated, he or she can be transferred to outpatient care.

Our solution

The primary goal of the program is to ensure that nutrition standards are improved and maintained through activities such as demonstrations within households as well as during weekly immunization and antenatal health service days.

A ‘Food Field Exhibition’ is also held every year, where traders display various foods grown in the district

We will identify vulnerable household families and regularly check on them through home visits and food demonstrations.

In addition, each sub-county has a women’s community choir that uses music, dance and drama to address health issues. Every week the group goes out to the community and performs dances and drama to show families the importance of nutrition.

Model households with healthy families can demonstrate to others in the community through the cultivation of the different food stuffs that can help to obtain proper feeding. And hence promote or motivate other households to also do the same in order to improve health in children.

The innovativeness of our approach

We believe three key measures can be taken to help Uganda accelerate their response to child under nutrition:

  1. It is vital that governments take action to ensure adequate funding and improved policies in addressing their nation’s children and protecting them from malnutrition.
  2. Multi-sectoral partnerships and people’s participation can help to effectively implement government policies and empower citizens to address issues of malnutrition and its impact on children.
  3. Create targeted programming for the most vulnerable communities.

Technologies and Methods

We will use emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp calls and chats and media houses among others.

Potential Partners

Potential partners are Uganda against Malnutrition (UAM) and Uganda Action for Nutrition (UGAN).


Das Voting endet am 24. Juni 2018, 23:59 Uhr.

Food: Only the Best for Children!

Team: Joan Nanfuka

Juliet Amoli

Ruth Kayaga

Irene Nabibubbu

Caroline Nandago

Robinah Nakabiri

Simon Musobya

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