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February 1 – May 14 – Submission

Send your ideas to students4kids@helliwood.de. You may find the application form here

May 8 – May 21 – Voting

All ideas will be published on this website for a public voting, whose results will immediately be considered in the first jury selection.

May 22 – June 2 – First jury assessment

Our expert panel reviews all submissions in detail, evaluates and selects up to ten contributions to the next round.

June 12 – August 27 – Concept phase

After an individual feedback, the selected teams get the opportunity to develop and optimize their ideas into a detailed concept.

August 28 – September 10 – Second jury assessment

Based on the concepts, the jury will decide which three finalist teams will be invited to the summit.

September 11 – September 27 – Preparation for the pitch

The three selected teams have the opportunity to prepare for their pitch and are supervised by our project office.

September 29 – Summit

The finalists present their concepts in front of an audience of professionals and the jury in the building of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Berlin. The winning team will be announced on the same event.

beginning of October – Initialisation of implementation

The winning team will receive € 10,000 for the implementation of their project in Ivory Coast.

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