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Nine Countries Pledge Great Investments to Permanently Reduce Malnutrition

Nine Countries Pledge Great Investments to Permanently Reduce Malnutrition

Deficits in micronutrient supply during early childhood are a major cause for impeding the economic potential in Southern Asian and sub-Saharan African countries. The World Bank assumes that the gross domestic product would grow on average by an additional 10 per cent each year if these regions succeed in avoiding nutrition-related growth retardations (stunting) in children and thus enabling them to grow into healthy and productive adults.

Since the corresponding aid programs are underfunded, the World Bank is seeking to raise awareness of this situation and wants to mobilize support through a poster on the long-term effect of a high-quality diet in the early childhood.




The aim is to establish global financial partnerships to eliminate malnutrition. Nine countries have now publicly committed themselves at a summit of the World Bank in October 2016 to long-term invest millions of dollars in their own nutritional programs. Besides Madagascar, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Pakistan, Indonesia and Guatemala, the Ivory Coast is one of these nine countries.

Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire, referred in this context to the National Multisector Plan for Food 2016-2020, within the Ivorian government plans to immediately provide 90 million dollars, and seeks to raise 380 million dollars additional funds. The multisector plan describes the food situation in the Côte d’Ivoire as critical. It contains plans for measures to ensure food security, to deal with future food crises and to ensure hygiene and clean drinking water.

Read and see more:

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Cote d‘ Ivoire. Plan National Multisectoriel de Nutrition 2016 – 2020. Available via http://www.nutrition.gouv.ci/fichier/doc/PNMN_2016_2020_15_08_16.pdf

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