Scholarship & Alumni

The Innovation Scholarship

This year, for the first time, the initiative is launching an innovation fellowship competition. From the second phase of the competition, in which the participants work out their concept, they receive a scholarship from the Assmann Foundation for Prevention. On the one hand, this scholarship is a recognition of the work already done. On the other hand, it also allows participants to fully concentrate on the competition.

Each team receives a scholarship of 500 EUR per team during the concept phase. The finalists will receive a further 600 euros per team during the month of preparation for the pitch.


The Alumni Network

Students4Kids is the largest non-profit competition against malnutrition in Germany. With a strong media partner, a successful social media presence and a sustained commitment against the hidden hunger, Students4Kids is a permanent fixture at the interface between science and development aid.

Just in time for the third round of the competition, Students4Kids is launching an alumni network. Members of this network are the finalists of the competitions that have already been held and all future finalists. The finalists are the selected teams who work out their project ideas into a concept and compete against each other in a pitch at the final summit of the competition.

Students4Kids alumni benefit from the networks of the partners behind the initiative, the Assmann Foundation for Prevention and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. You get exclusive access to events and contacts. The project team accompanies the alumni in their further engagement against malnutrition even after the end of the competition and supports them with words and deeds.

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