Good reasons to get involved…

  • intelligent ideas have a more sustainable effect than the supply of foodstuff;
  • a dedicated research topic can be formulated and developed further via Students4Kids;
  • interstate development aid is not sufficient;
  • new ways to combat hidden hunger are required;
  • Students4Kids offers the option of entrepreneurial realisation of ideas;
  • the project is just beginning and is still capable of being shaped;
  • Students4Kids operates on a non-profit basis;
  • Students4Kids combines preventive medical and media-didactic competence;
  • German and Ivorian fellow students will find solutions to problems in close interaction;
  • smartphones represent a resource for humanitarian assistance that has not been exploited as yet;
  • in sub-Saharan Africa you can find more mobile phones than access points to clean drinking water;
  • Students4Kids offers the opportunity to work out concrete solutions for one the most urgent problems to be solved on a scientifically sound basis;
  • access to information creates room for manoeuvre;
  • unconventional ideas are always welcome;
  • Students4Kids will shape the future;
  • there is just one world we have a shared responsibility for;

and: who else but us?!