S4K Projekthandbuch 2017

Project manual: Students4Kids – Together against Hidden Hunger

A detailed project manual with information about the Students4Kids initiative and this year’s student competition in Uganda is now also available in English.

Furthermore a template for the conference log and the time and task schedule are available as downloads as well as the schedule of the competition, all in German.

Vorlage_ZeitAufgabenplan_S4K-Icon Webseite

Vorlage_Konferenzprotokoll_S4K-Icon WebseiteS4K_International_Projekthandbuch_ZeitstrahlS4K_International_Projekthandbuch_Karte


Summit-Interviews 2016

Right after of the first competition, we held an interview with Prof. Assmann, the chairman of the Assmann Foundation for Prevention, as well as the teams of our first winning projects.

Summit-Interviews 2017

Interviews with Prof. Assmann: „Wir ehren kluge Köpfe“ (newspaper F.A.Z.) 

German interviews with Prof. Assmann about the competitions and the summits in 2016 and 2017 (published in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on October 7, 2016 and October 13, 2017).


S4K Wir ehren kluge Köpfe



Anmeldeformular_S4K2_DESubmission Form 2018

Do you have an idea how to combat hidden hunger? To participate in our student competition all you need to do is to complete a short submission form portraying your idea by answering 9 questions. Public voting starts on June 4. Completed forms are to be submitted via e-mail to our project office