The Use of Bioeffectors for a Higher Nutrient Content in Crops

The Use of Bioeffectors for a Higher Nutrient Content in Crops

Bioeffectors are microorganisms and bio-active substances from plants, plant residues and wastes that enhance the growth, nutrient suitability and resistance of crops to plant diseases and other stress factors such as drought, heat or cold. Bioeffectors are utilized to make more effective use of plants without increasing the need for fertilizers.

Through field experiments in the EU-funded collaborative project BIOFECTOR the researchers found scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of 38 bioeffector mixtures. Isolates from fungi and bacteria, which show root-growth-promoting and nutrient-mobilizing properties, were tested. Likewise, new combinations of marine algae, compost, and plant extracts have been applied to increase the nutritional content of corn, wheat, and tomatoes. The research results and further information on the EU joint project under the scientific direction of Prof. Neumann of the University of Hohenheim are documented on the website

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