Tablets in Secondary Prevention – a Student Initiative Not Just for Kids

Tablets in Secondary Prevention – a Student Initiative Not Just for Kids

In 2012, during the turbulence of everyday life at Narayana-hospital in South India, students from Stanford have developed the practical idea to support patients and their families by using tablets to better cope with the period after major heart surgery and after childbirth.

These tablets contain a mix-match of interactive educational computer games on diseases, videos about nursing techniques, as well as tips on nutrition and hygiene in the home environment for rural and remote areas.

The educational videos are designed in the style of the popular Indian movie romances and thus establish a link to pleasant and pounced lifestyle habits. Due to the tablets, which were allowed to take home by the patient, the number of return hospital visits after surgery even after open-heart surgery was reduced by one third.

Meanwhile the student aid program arose to be the internationally networked nonprofit organization NooraHealth. The NPO provides training programs for patients with heart failure, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and pneumonia as well as for mothers shortly after delivery etc. NooraHealth is currently among the 50 most innovative companies in 2016 at

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