Surprise Tropicale - an Online Trade of Fresh, Regional Fruits in Congo

Surprise Tropicale – an Online Trade of Fresh, Regional Fruits in Congo

Behind Surprice tropicale conceals the idea of a 24-year-old young entrepreneur from Kinshasa, Congo. Benedict Mundele improves the supply of micronutrient-rich foods in the Congo through an online trade with regional fruits and smoothies.

Seeing all the re-imports of local products such as mangos in form of extremely high-priced juices, when the fruit grows everywhere in the country, the trade with local fruits appears logical. But the implementation is difficult, says the young entrepreneur, since in Congo, as in many other African countries many people think that high-quality products can only be found outside the continent. We seem to forget, Mundele argues, that we [the Congolese] can do it even better.]. It is difficult for her to change the mentality of the people.

Her advice to African teenagers: Why only appreciate goods from abroad when Africa has its own resources to enrich the world? Mundele beliefs that in this way, food deficiencies and hunger can be reduced in Congo. She said: “It was Congo’s food poverty that inspired me to do something. We have the potential to produce many foods but it is being wasted. And people are suffering because they don’t have anything to eat.” The entrepreneurial idea has been awarded the Anzisha Prize for Social Young Entrepreneurship in Africa and has been successfully implemented thereafter.


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