Science20 Calls for the G20 to be More Committed to Global Health

Science20 Calls for the G20 to be More Committed to Global Health

For the first time the science academies of the G20 countries have agreed on a common focus on their commitment to global health (1). The search for consensus is the result of Science20, a dialogue between the research institutes in the run-up to the G20 meeting on 6 July 2017 in Hamburg.

Under the title “Improving Global Health Strategies and Tools to Combat Communicable and Non – Communicable Diseases” the academies of science recommend the leaders of the G20 countries to focus international health policymaking on:

  1. improving health care by building reliable, resilient health care systems
  2. the use of existing and emerging knowledge, in particular for the prevention of transmissible and non-transmissible diseases
  3. greater attention to social and environmental determinants of health
  4. the reduction of risk factors for diseases with the aid of health education
  5. the global access to health resources (vaccination, medical equipment, medicines) for the population
  6. a more comprehensive documentation of the state of health of the world’s population and its institutionalization on the ground.

According to the scientific academies, Malnutrition as a relevant, social and environmental risk factor for diseases should be reduced in particular by improved nutritional education in schools, by strengthening the awareness of food and food quality in society as well as by promoting access to adequate nutrition.


Read and see more:

G20 Germany 2017. Science20 Dialogue. Improving Global Health Strategies and Tools to combat communicable and non – communicable Diseases. Available via :

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