Promising Prospects

Promising Prospects

Lusaka/Mainz, June 15th 2017

Last week on Whitsunday was the date we have all been waiting for. After a long and intensive preparation, the Enset project team packed up their belongings and traveled to Zambia to tackle the project’s kickoff. After we had arrived in Zambia, we were warmly welcomed by our partner and networker James Zulu, who has already organized  various important meetings for our project. Starting from the University of Zambia, to the Ministry of Agriculture, to the GIZ, the German Embassy, ​​and other organizations, we have had the opportunity to present our project and throughout received a continuous positive response and willingness to support us. Moses Mwale, the director of the “Zambian Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI)”, affirmed us his readiness with the words “We welcome the idea and we would like to be part of this”. At the same time, we have also discussed critical topics such as changes in eating habits concerning the taste and preparation of the Enset plant. The personal discussions and the experiences on site have been of great value for our project and support us in the rapidly implementation of our project.






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