InvestInNutrition, a Platform with Information on Costs to Fight Hidden Hunger

InvestInNutrition, a Platform with Information on Costs to Fight Hidden Hunger

The website demonstrates  the severity of stunting and wasting as well as the accumulation of anemia as a result of malnutrition in women and children worldwide and the importance of breastfeeding as a cornerstone of child survival and child health. The analysis shows what investments are necessary to solve those problems by 2025 and save millions of lives.

The intention of this  page is to help to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies during the critical period of the first 1,000 days   and to acquire more funding  for it. Interactive maps show in which areas and countries the problems are worst. Besides numbers on stunting, wasting and anemia, the need to promote exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months is also  given special attention. For example, in 2015, only 12 % of the Ivorian mothers had breastfeed their babies up to half a year after birth. The following figure shows the areas in which the US $ 2.82 million funding for the improvement of the food situation in the Ivory Coast were invested in 2015:

investement nutrition in ivory coast 2015

This website is jointly operated by the World Bank, Results for Development, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and the 1,000 Day organization.

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InvestinNutrition. Available via
The facts mentioned in the portal are based on the publication of M Shekar et al. An investment framework for nutrition: reaching the global targets for stunting, anemia, breastfeeding and wasting (Vol. 2): Main report 2016. main report. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Group. Available via

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