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Students4Kids EN » Immune Dysfunction as a Cause and Consequence of Malnutrition

Immune Dysfunction as a Cause and Consequence of Malnutrition

Immune Dysfunction as a Cause and Consequence of Malnutrition

Over- and undernutrition, summarized as malnutrition, is worldwide one of the main causes of increased morbidity and mortality rates. The immune system seems to be a decisive key factor in this issue. Current research shows that immune dysfunctions are not only a consequence of malnutrition, but can also be the cause. The diet and nutritional pattern therefore plays a crucial role in prevention. If it is possible to boost the immune system in development sensitive phases of a child, not only the vulnerability to infection will be reduced, but also the metabolic functions and neurological processes will be stabilized. Vice versa, if malnutrition is already avoided in children, diseases and premature death due to immunodeficiencies will also be less frequent in adulthood and in their descendants. A review article in the Journal The Cell generated a quintessence of major studies and describes the current state of research.

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C.D. Bourke, J.A. Berkley and A.J. Prendergast. Immune Dysfunction as a Cause and Consequence of Malnutrition. Trends Immunol. 2016 3. Mai PAE: S1471-4906 (16) 30006-0. Doi: 10.1016 / j.it.2016.04.003. Full version available at: http://www.cell.com/trends/immunology/fulltext/S1471-4906%2816%2930006-0

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