Hidden Hunger as an Issue in the German Bundestag

Hidden Hunger as an Issue in the German Bundestag

Programs to combat malnutrition
Economic Cooperation and Development / Response – 01/21/2016

Berlin: (hib / JOH) For the program “Food Security and Resilience Strengthening” as part of the special initiative “A world without hunger”, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) declares to have made 27.5 million euros available in the budget year 2015. In the previous year there were 41.58 million euros available, writes the Federal Government in a reply (18/7172) to an inquiry (18/7001) handed in by DIE LINKE party (The Left). The aim of the initiative is the cross-sectoral abatement of hunger and malnutrition.

In addition, the Federal Government supports the Scaling-Up Nutrition Initiative (SUN), which 56 countries have already joined in, with the aim to improve food security worldwide. Thus, the SUN Secretariat receives an annual subsidy of one million euros by the Federal Government since 2014. Furthermore, Germany is strengthening the SUN-coordination structures in Malawi and Zambia at a decentralized level. Since 2013, the BMZ also supports the mediation of the SUN donor network through particular assigned personnel.

Moreover, the Government had paid 2.8 million euros in 2014 through the BMZ for the World Food Programme, it said in the response. Through the FAO, they also promoted the development of specific nutritional trainings and educational programs. The interventions mostly dealt with optimal feeding practices for infants and young children, such as advice on breastfeeding and complementary feeding. In some projects, promoting peasant farmers, the consultation on fortifying foods and their consumption also played a role.

Source (German article): https://www.bundestag.de/presse/hib/201601/-/402992

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