Food Revolution 5.0 - Design for Tomorrow’s Society

Food Revolution 5.0 – Design for Tomorrow’s Society

30 young designers from all over the world are currently  presenting their designs on future  food security issues in the Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts. All parties involved in food production and food supply reach their limits  all over the world, says the exhibitor. Overnutrition, undernurishment, gigantic food losses due to waste and inadequate storage with increasingly scarce resources as well as an enormous population growth especially in countries threatened by hunger are only a few sings which show that a “Food Revolution” is long overdue.

The designs of the so-called Food Revolution 5.0 do not miss out any area of the human food chain. The exhibition presents a vast range of ideas to expand the micronutrient supply. Concepts like an insect farm or mealworm biscuits from the 3D printer, kelp tartar and algal snacks, as well as Nano-Foods and digital-individualized nutrition plans  based on blood analysis via smartphone are suggested.

Other visions are unimaginable: bacteria and fungi that recycle rotten food and plastic waste for consumption, algal cultivation on the body, which feeds from human respiratory air, mini-sensors that optimize the human digestive system and much more. There are also design proposals for cutlery and food containers, adapted to illness-reduced motor skills or designed to reduce the consumption levels “unconsciously”.


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Food Revolution 5.0 – Design for Tomorrow’s Society
Hamburg Museum of Arts and Crafts. Exhibition: May 19th – October 29th 2017.

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