Ethiopian experts support our Project

Ethiopian experts support our Project

LusakaMainz, May 15th 2017

Expertenteam Ensete_kleinThe award of the Students4Kids competition has given our project “For Zambians by Zambians” a proper boost. The plans will be put into practice at the beginning of June. In January, an Ensete expert team from Ankober, Ethiopia, could be visited and won as supporters of the project. Together with the head of the Ethiopian expert team Ermias Molla we will visit Lusaka on Whit Monday, where we will finalize the implementation of the project together with the responsible ministers of the Ministry of Agriculture. Also on the agenda are meetings with ZARI (Zambia Agriculture Research Institute), the German Embassy and Musika, a local organization that coordinates various farmers in Zambia. The first workshop will take place in July, after consultation with the responsible authorities. We are looking forward to gather first impressions on the ground and to include our experiences in the further development of our project.

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