Edible Growth, the 3D Food Printer for Micronutrient-Rich Tartlets

Edible Growth, the 3D Food Printer for Micronutrient-Rich Tartlets

Chloe Rutzerveld, a student from the Dutch University of Eindhoven, has developed the 3D food printer Edible Growth, which allows still growing, micronutrient-rich pastries to be printed without causing food waste.

The idea sounds simple: First the 3D printer prints the basic shape of the pastry from yeast, seeds and spores. Thereafter, photosynthesis and fermentation are started for five days to initiate natural processes until small fungi and plants stick out over the pastry’s edge. The longer the pastry “ripens”, the better the growing contents are visible and the more aromatic and intense the taste becomes. The printer builds a carbohydrate-containing ball and an edible ground containing seeds, spores and yeast. These are separated with a membrane to prevent contamination. Rutzerveld would like to use the 3D food printing technology in a meaningful way in order to shorten the  . It could provide a healthy alternative to the food that is currently produced with 3D printers such as chocolate, sweets or even pizza.

Read and see more:
Chloe Rutzerveld. Food and Concept Design. Website http://www.chloerutzerveld.com/edible-growth-2014/ and https://www.3d-grenzenlos.de/magazin/3d-drucker/edible-growth-3d-lebensmitteldrucker-2763643/
See also: Food revolution 5.0. https://students4kids.org/en/hidden-hunger/berichte-reportagen


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