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Trees for Education

Short description

In order to provide children in Uganda with healthy nutrition, we would like to create vegetable school gardens in Uganda with the help of local partners. The vegetables are sold and the children receive a healthy meal.

The problem we aim to solve

Not only does everyone need a sufficient amount of food, it is also important that it is balanced and consists of nutrients. Children in particular need these nutrients. If this is not the case, their performance decreases and they are unable to concentrate properly on teaching at school. With our project we want to counteract this and ensure that every child has a chance for good educational opportunities. The children get a healthy meal at school, with which we want to fight the “hidden hunger”.

Our solution

The idea of the project is, together with our local partners, to use existing, unused resources on school grounds, for example land and water, and to design a school garden from them. Together with the students, teachers and parents of the community, vegetables, fruits and tree seedlings are planted here. Half of the seedlings and the fruit and vegetables are then sold. The remaining fruit and vegetables are prepared in the school kitchen for a healthy meal for the children. This gives the children a balanced daily meal and allows them to concentrate better on their lessons. The profit generated from the sale is partly reinvested in the project, but also serves to support financially disadvantaged school children. This means that the project pays for itself after the first harvests, a gardener can be paid to take care of the garden permanently and the school garden can be replanted again and again.

The innovativeness of our approach

The innovative approach of Trees for Education is that we have a sustainable approach compared to many other aid and development projects and that the schools are independent of current donations due to the basic entrepreneurial idea. Furthermore, we empower members of the community to take more responsibility for themselves and their families by hiring gardeners for the school garden and thus creating jobs.

Technologies and Methods

For the implementation of our project in Kenya we used the crowdfunding channel. However, we would now like to work directly with sponsors and have created our own website for this purpose. A particularly important method in our approach in Uganda is that we want to involve the community and involve it very much. This is very important to increase the acceptance of the project in the social environment of the schools and thus the likelihood that the members of the community will buy from us and support our project.

Potential Partners

In order for our project to be implemented, we need sponsors for the start-up capital. On site in Uganda are our partners, the schools with which we will carry out our project. We have noticed that communication with local partners is important for the implementation of a successful project, which is why a local contact person is very important to us. Here we had the idea that we cooperate with NGOs who are in Uganda and know the schools.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Trees for Education

Team: Isabel Prinzing

Emil Gehrt

Godswill Enyinnaya

Lisa Strube

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