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Students4Kids EN » The Greatest Gift our Mothers Give to us is a Balanced Diet

The Greatest Gift our Mothers Give to us is a Balanced Diet

Short description

It requires a more complex, multidimensional idea that knows the local conditions, reacts sensitively to the cultural situation, accompanies mothers right from the beginning of pregnancy, educates them and points out alternatives and in this context creates an enthusiasm for a balanced diet.

The problem we aim to solve

Our project should start before the birth of the child and give young mothers sufficient and lasting influence in their nutrition and their thinking in order to provide balanced breast milk and to prevent a lack of nutrients in the first phase of life. Therefore, a complete solution must begin where life begins. Early intervention contributes to individual health and poverty reduction in Uganda.

Our solution

Our approach starts where…

… life begins: We want to produce a healthy, regional food mixture (e.g. as a smoothie) which every Ugandan can produce himself or herself and which is composed in such a way that as many micronutrients and their conveyors as possible are contained.  Women meet several times a week at the market. This allows an initial contact to young, pregnant women to be made and the product to be dispensed. In order to ensure regular admission, an incentive system is to be created that inspires and motivates women. The project creates jobs and can support itself by selling a produced food surplus.

… enthusiasm arises: Almost every young woman in our target group is networked and accessible via a mobile phone; mobile phone videos play an outstanding role here. Young women are to be inspired by the project through a humorous, appealing but educational campaign.

… knowledge transfer and personal support: In the long run, a project can only be sustainable if facts are conveyed coherently and realistically within the knowledge and cultural horizon and a personal emotional relationship to the idea, to the project and to the partner develops, which guarantees long-term support.

… women become role models for other women!

The innovativeness of our approach

A one-year stay on site has provided us with insights into development projects that, if they remain one-dimensional, do not offer sustainability. Our innovation lies in the multi-dimensionality of the project and in the linking of circumstances. On the one hand, the project is based on concrete assistance through job creation, targeted micronutrient supply and teaching on a demonstration farm. On the other hand, a media campaign and personal relationships convey enthusiasm and understanding for a balanced diet.

Technologies and Methods

  1. demonstration farm, which is already being built in Kisoro
  2. mobile videos and radio presence to create enthusiasm (developing first ideas with company “Beyond” in Kisoro)
  3. maintain contacts via mobile messages, create incentives and continuity
  4. use of local structures (infirmary for contact, smoothie edition at markets, churches for further education)
  5. teaching through practical and well-founded knowledge transfer

Potentielle Partner

During our one-year stay in Kisoro, we have built up a broad social network which, in addition to many personal contacts, also offers a deep partnership with the Anglican Church (Diocese of Muhabura). Through a local family that provides development cooperation, a demonstration farm and the agricultural structures are being built. A local hospital (Potter’s Village) offers a network to care for pregnant women and infants.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

The Greatest Gift our Mothers Give to us is a Balanced Diet

Team: Anne Wößmann

Felix Hartmann

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