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Students4Kids EN » Teaching Technical Skills and Enhancing Agricultural Production

Teaching Technical Skills and Enhancing Agricultural Production

Short description

We want to fight hunger by providing technical skills and farming skills such as crop cultivation to nomadic pastoralists. This will help boost their economy and allow them to store some food during the dry season.

The problem we aim to solve

Our goal is to protect children from being used as a source of income by their parents and from having to live in ghettos in order to save their hard-earned money. We want to achieve this by providing financial skills to parents.

Children are often used as an additional source of income. They work during the day and are asked by their parents to give them their hard-earned money. Since they are afraid of losing their money to their parents, some build thatched huts where they sleep. These are known as “Ghettos” by natives and often become a home for thieves, robbers, rapists and defilers.

Our solution

My idea is community empowerment for hunger alleviation and poverty eradication. This can be done by providing handcraft skills such as basket making, book binding, hairdressing, brick bouquet and bakery. This empowers women to make their own decisions regarding reproduction. Women can also work in order to provide for the family thus sharing responsibilities in the home which prevents children from running away from home to the “ghetto”.

Another solution is promoting a culture of saving money among the people of kakongye muruti nyakatonzi katwe town council kasese district. This is done in every meeting. In small groups members meet once in a week and save a given amount of money which at the end of the year they share in accordance with one’s contributions. This helps prevent financial constraints and saves how much pastoralists can sustain during dry season.

Social protection which entails awareness for children’s rights. This is done mainly by parents accepting their responsibilities and providing for their children. Children should also be made aware of their parents’ responsibilities as well as their own as children.

The innovativeness of our approach

My approach is innovative in a way that it does not require full time working, but can be done on the side. Take basket making as an example. My approach can also easily be adopted by pastoralists who move from one place to another in search of pastures during the dry season. The approach will help minimize hunger from its root cause. The solutions could last for long time if adopted by community members. It includes every member of the community with the focus being put to young school children who are taught their responsibilities and rights which will help maintain a good number of children in school and also young parents especially mothers.

Technologies and Methods

The program with many projects operates in remote and small communities. Group discussions have been adopted as the main method. However it was sometimes hard for us to meet all the groups in the beginning. But over the course of time group members started attending in bigger numbers since each group has its own day as agreed by group members in a week. This has made community method a preferred method to use. Aside from that we use phones to communicate and also usually we announce at any social gathering in the community such as in church and at functions in kakongye muruti nyakattonzi.

Potential Partners

Through government programs such as poverty alleviation, youth livelihood programs and NAADS the youth can be empowered by providing them with saving skills, tools that will support their projects.

Compassion Uganda to provide scholarships to children whose parents are not able to support them.

Local leaders such as the local council chairman, priest and clergies in the community.

Muhumuza cattle keepers association which is headed by the pastoralist and the tradition chiefdom of Busongora which is highly respected and honored by the people of kakongye muruti nyakatonzi katwe town council kasese district.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Teaching Technical Skills and Enhancing Agricultural Production

Team: Mugyema Elijah

Kobusingye Gorret

Gumisiriza Samuel

Mugyema Nicolas

Ibona Alex

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