Social Marketing: Sponsoring by Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Short description

Well-known nutritional supplements manufacturers (e.g. MyProtein) support a project in Africa through a contribution X of each sold article.

Which problem do I aim to solve and why?

a) People in Africa are sponsored with financial or material resources, such as micronutrient supplements, to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies.
b) Social marketing for the company and positive recognition by the customer (possibly a unique selling proposition and thus higher-generated sales).
c) Promoting the nutritional supplement as an efficient remedy for deficiencies.

My solution

The nutritional supplement manufacturer can promote his product(s) by contributing a monetary share to the control of nutrient deficiencies for every sold article. This results in a positive recognition of the manufacturer by the customer and is a unique selling proposition in the industry, which can be advertised as social marketing. In addition, the manufacturer’s nutritional supplement can be advertised as an efficient remedy.

Why is my idea innovative, new or different?

This approach does not seek to change the economic, ecological and political conditions locally, but aims to act as a further support – that’s what’s makes it different. The opportunities of social media and its reach are used. The target group of nutritional supplement manufacturers are predominantly sportsmen in the hobby sector, which has grown strongly in the past few years. Thus the range of potential customers and the manufacturer’s competition is very strong. With this approach they could set themselves apart from business competition by addressing the emotionality of customers and honest social marketing.

How is my idea feasible?

Various possibilities:
a) From e.g. 100 € sales of all customers, one item of the nutritional supplement is sponsored.
b) Discount campaigns on certain products with which a contribution X is directly donated.
c) Customers can decide themselves whether and how much they would like to donate by buying a share of the nutritional supplement.

Which technologies, channels or methods am I planning to use?

Social media channels are primarily used for advertising the entire campaign, the product and how the aid reaches Africa. Thus, for example the misery in Africa can be pointed out on YouTube, Instagram and it can be shown that the nutritional supplements work. Customers will prefer the company, which shows high social responsibility and will not buy from its competitors. This is referred to the emotionality of the customers. Moreover the manufacturer can refer to the effect of the nutritional supplement. Furthermore, the distribution in other media such as F.A.Z. generates increased attention.

What outcome and what improvements do I expect? How do I measure these?

I expect this action to contribute to micronutrient deficiencies but it will not change the overall hunger and starvation and supply shortage throughout the region. A village can serve as a point of reference in which the state of health before and during the action is documented.

My budget planning & acquisition of potential partners

The acquisition of food supplement manufacturers (e.g. MyProtein) will cost time and money. In addition, the logistics must be planned, for instance the nutritional supplements could be transported to Africa every month with additional donations. At first doctors should accompany the action and document the progress. Also photographers and moderators or social media influencers from Africa should report about the project. The nutritional supplements, social media influencers, photographers etc. are to be sponsored by the manufacturer – 0 €. The Assmann Foundation is responsible for on-site coordination and transport -0 €. The entry fee of € 10,000 + € 5000 can be used for the acquisition of a manufacturer and should be sufficient.

Social Marketing: Sponsoring by Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Team:   Tobias Wiese


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