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Mothers and Family

Short description

Food and nutrition, health and clean water, livelihoods for mothers.

The problem I aim to solve

I want to tackle micronutrient deficiency in children. The reason why I want to tackle this is because majority of Children in Africa suffer from many diseases caused by lack of vitamins and minerals. Fighting hidden hunger is about ensuring the body has sufficient vitamins and minerals to avoid stunting and blindness and increase resistance to diseases in children. Children should eat enough vegetables and fruits to avoid suffering from deficiency, especially in developing countries, mothers need to know the need of their children and their food preference, they have to be creative and innovative with their children’s favorite food too by ensuring they have balanced meal comprising a variety of vegetables, protein, carbohydrates, fruits and minerals.

My solution

Formation of mother’s group, mobilize and sensitize them about food and nutrition for children through training them on the health benefit of feeding children with a balanced meal. Health and clean water, give mothers training on sanitation practices that can help prevent many disease that are dangerous to children such as handwashing before eating anything and after eating, boil drinking water and advise mothers to complete immunization for children under age. Education and Livelihood improvement, sensitize mothers about community farming, where they come together in agreement to plant crops that will be sold in the local markets hence giving them financial stability to be able to afford balanced meals for their children and afford education as well. And for mothers who have garden will advise to plant vegetables, fruits and other food crops.

The innovativeness of my approach

  • Language approach: ensure that everyone understand the language, if necessary by ensuring translations for everyone.
  • Participatory Approach: everyone should feel free to participate on the learning session either by asking questions or providing ideas.
  • Good communication approach: as in being good listener, polite, open mindedness, confidence, friendliness etc.

Technologies and Methods

Identification method of the affected children through the local leaders and get into contact with them and their mothers. Mobilization and sensitization method of mothers on how they should feed their children and advise them to practice what they have learned Participatory discussion method with the mothers on the need assessments to practically achieve their children’s health Monitoring and evaluation method, these mothers will be monitored to ensure there is result on their children’s health. Continuous follow up method on the mother’s group to ensure ideas are implemented and frequent communication.

Potential Partners

Feed the children Uganda is one of the organizations that can help implement this project. Feed the children is fighting hunger in Uganda through programs focused on food and nutrition, health and water, education and livelihood. They are helping children especially in Northern Uganda to find hope for their future.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Mothers and Family

Team: Rebecca Adoch

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