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Students4Kids EN » Kitchen Gardening – A Solution for Hidden Hunger

Kitchen Gardening – A Solution for Hidden Hunger

Short description

The idea aims at identifying suitable vegetables and fruits to grow, training farmers and households, using the limited land and wastes to ensure constant food production and food security.

The problem we aim to solve

Undernutrition which is due to lack of vitamin A, iron, iodine and zinc. This causes stunted growth and wasting with 40% of children below 5 years and 3.4% respectively in Kabarole district (www.ajol.com). It also leads to mental impairment, poor health and even death. In addition, micronutrients are in inadequate supply. With kitchen gardening, this will be solved by growing vegetables.

Our solution

We aim to solve the problem of hidden hunger and undernutrition. Our idea has several ways of combating this problem by training farmers the techniques of kitchen gardening, i.e. how to do it and which materials to use in workshops organised at village, parish and sub county levels. Identifying suitable vegetables and fruits that do well in kitchen gardening rich in micronutrients by involving technical agriculturalists and nutritionists. Use of limited land, space and waste products like broken baskets, sacks, tins and household water for growing vegetables. Involving the unemployed youth and women in food production. The youth and urban women lack land for cropping but this will be solved by kitchen gardening. We also want to encourage the construction of plastic granaries in every home to store some dried vegetables. Using local available materials and waste products to ensure food security all year round.

The innovativeness of our approach

Our idea will bring in innovation such as recycling of waste materials like broken buckets, old polythene bags, sacks and other containers to do cropping along verandahs and even on top of buildings, growing of climbing plants like pumpkins along fences and walls of buildings by stacking thus maximising aerial space, embracing contraction of plastic granaries of varying sizes which will be carried from place to place to ensure food security in households.

Technologies and Methods

We aim to use radio programmes to educate the masses about kitchen gardening and hidden hunger. Television programmes especially in urban areas will be used to illustrate how kitchen gardening is done. Stickers and flyers with elaborate pictures showing the materials to use and how to do kitchen gardening, organising farmers seminars to create platforms to discuss, present kitchen gardening and hidden hunger in villages, parishes or sub county level.

Potential Partners

Mountains of the Moon University – School of Agriculture and Healthy Sciences will offer agricultural extension services and nutrition education to the masses respectively. Also private organisations like Sustainable Agricultural Trainers Network (SATNET) will offer agrobased information, also agricultural research institutes like Rwebitaba Zonal Agriculture Research Development Institutes will offer seeds to people for farming. Not to forget local government agriculture departments.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Kitchen Gardening – A Solution for Hidden Hunger

Team: Sunday Christopher

Isingoma Peter

Kasozi David

Muhimbise Elius

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