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Students4Kids EN » Innovate in Agriculture, Invest in Health and Education with Minimal Resources

Innovate in Agriculture, Invest in Health and Education with Minimal Resources

Short description

The project will produce for the market and ascertain trainings to all local farmers in their own language to support and maintain our basic living status for everybody.

The problem we aim to solve

Malnutrition: The district I come from (Zombo in Northern Uganda) is hard to reach and the people are very poor, living below the poverty lines. Only one in every twenty families has $1 per day. Although we face major challenges, the area is very fertile and very rich in agricultural produce. However, the local communities have never modernized agriculture for commercial purpose. I believe that we can use the available local skills to innovate and sensitize the masses on the most affordable modern agricultural methods on a small scale to increase food production overall.

Our solution

Our communities are still struggling with low education level. The ratio of educated families to not educated is eight to fifty per village, we are in dare need of support. If opportunities are to be given to us then its education support because we believe that the basis for most issues is a lack of education. If we are able to complete our formal education we can kickstart significant improvements, especially in training our communities to improve on their agricultural methods.

The innovativeness of our approach

We are concentrating on the marginalized, discriminated: people with disabilities, orphans, etc. We support everyone who wants to invest in their community and their own piece of land, to lift them to a sustainable and healthy life.

Technologies and Methods

We work with the local community leaders, the elder’s representatives, the religious leaders, the village health teams to help us make the right choices in our strategy, and we will reach out to technical consultants where there is need for technical guidance.

Potential Partners

Potential partners are the Ugandan Ministries of Education, Health and Agriculture.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Innovate in agriculture, invest in health and education with minimal resources

Team: Okello Fortunate

Lucky Irachan

Alfred Umika

David Munguriek

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