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Influencer marketing and social media 4 charitable purposes

Short description

The project will use (social media) marketing tools to disseminate useful information on balanced nutrition and malnutrition to the Ugandan society.

The problem we aim to solve

The project aims to provide important information on the links between a low micronutrient diet and the resulting consequences such as high infant mortality, increased pregnancy complications and the long-term physical and mental retardation of those affected. News consumption, especially among young people, often takes place exclusively in the social media, and clicking on the latest information often leaves the author completely hidden. The assessment and evaluation of sources is thus developing into one of the most important competences in the digitised society; the differentiation between fact-based news and fake news is becoming a daily task.

Our solution

The creation of a new, non-commercial platform where 100,000 people can be effectively and cost-effectively reached through influencers. From the challenges identified in the digital knowledge society, the task is passed onto charitable institutions and foundations dedicated to education: The classification and evaluation of existing information and its scientifically sound, appealing and clearly understandable preparation and dissemination. Our agency (start-up or sub-organisation) rewards private individuals in the form of material or financial goods for the targeted dissemination of information in their private social media.

The innovativeness of our approach

Online personalities have an enormous influence on the purchasing decisions of buyers, especially younger ones. The sober reality is that social media is driving more and more purchasing decisions. Especially the younger generation of consumers is influenced not only by friends, but also by online personalities who admire and trust them. And we offer these influencers the opportunity to disseminate honourable information through fair remuneration.

  • Explanatory campaigns “how to…”
  • Lifestyle trendsetters serve as positive role models
  • Disseminating facts and products

Technologies and Methods

The mobile network in Uganda is comparatively well developed, just over half of the people have a mobile phone. The illiteracy rate (2015) is 19.2% for men and 33.1% for women. Therefore we rely on social media to address as many people as possible verbally, preferably self-confident, strong women.

Potential Partners

  • Marketing agencies
  • App designers
  • Foreign-language correspondents


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Influencer marketing and social media 4 charitable purposes

Team: Martin Degu

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