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Students4Kids EN » Household Income and Food Projects (HAIFOP)

Household Income and Food Projects (HAIFOP)

Short description

HAIFOP is a model project to raise awareness amongst the lowest income earners of how to find alternative source of nutritious food and income to boost them as they educate their children.

The problem we aim to solve

Hidden hunger is caused by low income in families. Parents focus on being employed and spend much of their time rendering services in peoples firms or petty trade, earning them little salary. Low earning families can’t afford nutritious and satisfying meals. A number of children go to schools on empty stomachs, while they have had unsatisfying and unappetizing diet. They become stunted and lower performing in class in the long run. To tackle hidden hunger I wish to help families afford quality and quantity food for the school going children.

Our solution

“Household income and food projects” is a mixed farm pilot project that is intended to equip farmers with a wealth of knowledge of utilizing small spaces around people’s homes for agriculture. Our objective is to grow vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits and raise animals like chicken or cows. Those will provide manure to fertilize soils for gardening. The animals reared will provide milk, while greens and mushrooms will provide plant proteins. The nature of this project will support families with low income and provide foodstuff.

The innovativeness of our approach

The projects is innovative in nature because less income earners can’t afford the prices of the food commodities in the markets, but can spend less to start off projects like I highlighted above. All they need is education about what they can grow and how to go about it. The results are unbelievably great. With less income, the circle of starvation affects many aspects of human life’ it affects education, health and social relations.

Technologies and Methods

Agriculture and technology go hand in hand. Utilizing small spaces around homes for vegetable growing requires knowledge and technology of intensive farming. This includes nursery bed preparation, irrigation, soil fertility management, pests, weeds and disease control. Animals require knowledge of the right breeds, feeding, and disease control. The farming project intended is a small-scale or intensive farming method.

Potential Partners

Uganda has a quite number of people involved in agriculture, some are individual innovators, but we intend to partner with operation wealth creation, for education and where possible to secure the right seeds, and breed of animals. Makerere University faculty of vet and agriculture will also be of great help in terms of consultation.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Household Income and food projects

Team: Wilber Muwoya

Mutungi Robert

Amanyabyoona Donah

Olivia Muyinza

Agnes Namande

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