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Students4Kids EN » Harnessing the potential of biofortified crops

Harnessing the potential of biofortified crops

Short description

Harnessing the potential of biofortified crops to address vitamin A deficiency and Anaemia among children under the age of five, pregnant and lactating mothers in Uganda: This project intends to increase the uptake of iron and Vitamin A among the target groups by developing a combined instant flour for porridge from orange fleshed sweet potatoes and iron rich beans.

The problem we aim to solve

Iron deficiency anemia and vitamin A deficiency are among the public health problems that are affecting children under five and lactating and pregnant mothers in Uganda. These two are responsible for increased morbidity and mortality in the said groups.

Our solution

The project is anticipating to increase the concentration of the nutrients of interest (Vitamin A and Iron) in the developed flour. The raw materials will be extruded into a fine instant flour for porridge which is like to increase the uptake of the crops. Processing will help in increasing the consumption due to a more convenient and acceptable product.

The innovativeness of our approach

There has not been a processed food product from these bio-fortified crops to increase the consumption and uptake of Vitamin A and Iron. This product will be processed using the extrusion technology which will render the product instant and hence reducing on the cooking time and minimizing on wastage of resources during preparations. It will also increase the consumption of the crops through a change in the consumption patterns.

Technologies and Methods

The project is going to rely on extrusion technology which cooks the product and breaks down nutrient inhibitors in the materials making the nutrients more readily available for absorption by the consumers. The sweet potatoes will be peeled and dried using a flash drier that is located in the northern part of the country.

Potential Partners

  • Peak Value industries limited which owns the extruders
  • Wind wood millers in Lira for the Flash drier
  • Makerere University for proximate analysis and microbial analysis
  • Rakai women’s group for the Orenge fleshed sweet potatoes and Iron rich beans.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Harnessing the potential of biofortified crops

Team: Ssempiri Geoffery

Musoke Lameck

Nsubuga Julius Caesor

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