Good recipes for a healthy body

Short description

Sack farming is a method used locally in African countries like Uganda whereby households grow basically vegetables in sacks as a nutritious supplement to their daily meals.

The problem we aim to solve

In order to combat hidden hunger, communities in Uganda are turning to grow fruits and vegetables to supplement their diets to ensure they are consuming a diverse range of nutritious foodstuff.

Our solution

We will promote the usage of “sack farming”, especially in urban areas that lack the space and soil to do gardening and subsistence farming. Interested people will be supported in workshops, training how sack farming works, as well as with the necessary materials to create their own, small sack farm.

The innovativeness of our approach

What is innovative about my approach it that this method of farming is very reliable a great way of fighting hidden hunger in urban areas. There also significantly reduced travel time, since people in cities do not have to travel to farms but can just use their front or back yard to create a beautiful – and healthy – garden.

Technologies and Methods

  • empty packing sacks but big ones
  • fine farming alluvial soil
  • fertilizers, locally in Uganda people use animal wastes e.g. cow dung and for this it’s better because
  • it’s safer than industrial made fertilizers you can’t trust.
  • Space, as we talked about it earlier. Just a half of the compound yard you have or back yard is enough.

Potential Partners

Potential partners are Concern Worldwide who have been helping societies in Uganda to fight hidden hunger and Vision for Africa Uganda, also the government of Uganda.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Good recipes for a healthy body

Team: Davis Mukwaya

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