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Fighting Hidden Hunger out of your home

Short description

The project is a pioneering initiative to reduce hidden hunger by national wide sensitization of hidden hunger, causes, symptoms and provide practical remedies to Ugandans who are suffering from hidden hunger due to lack of information.

The problem we aim to solve

Ignorance about hidden hunger is our major concern, this is because most Ugandans especially those leaving in rural areas suffer from hidden hunger with their children but they even don’t know about it and possibly how they can go about it. This is because they lack information due to the digital divide. Ugandans habitually eat large amounts of staple food crops like Maize, wheat and rice that are high in calories but lack sufficient micro-nutrients and low amounts of food rich in Micro-nutrients.

Our solution

We need to develop a program for sensitizing Ugandans all at large informing them about Hidden hunger.

This idea involves partnering with Media houses, Schools, communities in hard to reach areas, and use internet technologies for-example media buying (Facebook, Instagram) to provide the relevant information about hidden hunger.

With media houses we shall develop audio and visual ads to run across different media houses for-example TV and radio stations. In these ads we explain to the audience what hidden hunger is (information), how they know they are suffering from hidden hunger (symptoms) and how they can reduce or avoid hidden hunger individually in their homes (Practical solutions against hidden hunger).

Run paid ads (media buying). This involves the use of internet technologies (Facebook, you-tube, Instagram, blog) to promote, boost, place ads concerning hidden hunger and how we can fight it since we are in the age of information technology therefor we purpose to utilize it and better lives. However this is applicable to mostly people leaving in urban communities with access to internet services

We shall voluntarily organize community outreach programs in rural and hard to reach areas which will provide sensitization about hidden hunger to Ugandans leaving in such areas & involve them with practical guide on how they can individually solve hidden hunger. In our idea we shall make a step by step demonstration of small (kitchen) gardens focusing on plants that are mostly rich in micro-nutrients.

The innovativeness of our approach

Our approach is unique because it involves using ICT tools purposing to better lives in Uganda, this has come recently after the President has argued all Ugandans to embrace ICT because its where the future is inevitably taking us. It involves individuals & how they can fight hidden hunger within their designated homes, cost effective methods applicable almost in every homestead. The government will come in at a later date to help with advanced methods of Bio-fortification & fortifying of commercial foods.

Technologies and Methods

We have put our emphasis on the use of internet technologies (ICT) to fight hidden hunger among Netizens, Media Houses to fight hidden hunger among urban communities and Volunteerism to fight hidden hunger among school children, people in rural and hard to reach areas of Uganda. It’s not just about sensitization, it’s a campaign against hidden hunger.

Potential Partners

Our Partners will include Uganda Media houses, Schools , The Ministry of health Uganda, Ministry of Agriculture, Uganda communications commission (UCC) and the National agricultural advisory Services department.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Fighting Hidden Hunger out of your home

Team: Sejjemba Abdulrazake

Kiramba Jamir

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