Combating hidden hunger for health growth of body and mind

Short description

Initiating initiative to reduce micro nutrient deficiencies to advance nutrition agenda aimed at reducing hidden hunger in children and mothers with economic impact in communities through milk production and green bananas farming.

The problem we aim to solve

More than 2 million people worldwide suffer from hidden hunger and Uganda’s level of hidden hunger is high especially in the north, where many families depend on beans and cassava as staple food, lacking important micronutrients. We intend to introduce farming of green bananas and diary production to critically affected families, which is rich in many micronutrients that are important for child growth and mothers, to fight hidden hunger and provide a base for household income to boost local market.

Our solution

The initiative will be providing 3000 green banana shakes/stems known as Matoke to 600 critically affected families/households in northern Uganda. Matoke is rich with fibre and a natural source of Vitamin C and other nutrients like potassium. Many people in northern Uganda do not eat Matoke because of the price tag that makes it expansive for local people and poor families to afford. We intend to introduce Matoke farming since the soil in the intended areas support its growth. This will provide supplement to staple food (cassava, potatoes and posh) to many families and also increase household income as the beneficiaries will be able to sell surplus in the local market and act as food bank to fight hidden hunger. Female cows will also be given to mothers’ to provide milk which is rich with varieties of food nutrient to tackle hidden hunger and just like Matoke, it will also boost household income. The broader impact will be providing subsidised supply of food rich with micronutrients in northern Uganda and Uganda as a whole, aimed at tackling hidden hunger among children and mothers and advocating for community members to join the initiative to tackle hidden hunger and creating awareness and community knowledge of what hidden hunger and its dangers signify.

The innovativeness of our approach

The people in northern Uganda still belief that Matoke and milk is meant for rich people. Providing these foodstuff at a reduced cost and increased quantitiy will both improve supply, reduce prices and help breaking the misconception of “rich peoples food”.

Technologies and Methods

This initiative does not requires modern approaches for breading. We shall use a “grow-and-share” approach: the first beneficiary is to give two more households bananas stems and if the cow produces a female calf, that is to be forwarded to the next family to expand the coverage and reach large numbers of people in the community.

Potential Partners

The project will be implemented in partnership with Apac District local government especially the agricultural department and Makerere University Kampala (college of Agriculture) who will help to assess the best type of bananas stem to be planted and cows to be given. They will also help in monitoring and evaluation and ensure sustainability of the project. Student4kids will also provide technical support on project implementation.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Combating hidden hunger for health growth of body and mind

Team: Andrew Gole

Winnie Adur

Leonard Jimmy Ongom

Gloria Apio

Irene Akullo

Chris Mone

Geoffrey Ejon

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