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Students4Kids EN » Bioagrifix Uganda – Street kids’ involvement

Bioagrifix Uganda – Street kids’ involvement

Short description

Bioagrifix Uganda is a project aimed at training and involving street kids and homeless children in commercial agricultural mini projects aimed at providing innovative skills that can be used and make use of neglected potentials in street kids in Uganda.

The problem we aim to solve

Street kids are among the biggest victims of hidden hunger. Based on rural village settings, orphans and street kids are often given less attention, leaving them with a big burden of sustaining their own livelihood and are in most cases denied their rights. Given the fact that most of the homesteads survive on one meal per day makes it harder for a mother to give birth to a healthy baby which may also result in a high infant mortality rate. Most of the street kids’ potential abilities are not well utilized or have no idea how relieve themselves from hunger.

Our solution

There is a need for mass sensitization on the adverse effects of hidden hunger which at times don’t show but cause a lot of setbacks resulting in loss of lives. Using agriculture to improve the nutrition of street kids basing on the fact that most Ugandans survive on agriculture. It would be good to encourage these street kids to move away from a hopeless live to commercial farming that yields more thus enabling them to sustain themselves financially materialistically ranging from personal necessities to scholastic materials.

The innovativeness of our approach

There has been less attention given to street kids by both government and the local communities at large this has denied them the opportunity to maximize their potential in the agricultural sector and yet food production in Uganda has dropped drastically. Our choice to pay attention to such a neglected group is a very innovative approach to food shortage in the country.

Technologies and Methods

Internet marketing channel directly to customers

Potential Partners

  • Local government authorities in terms of authorization
  • the governing town council authority


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Bioagrifix Uganda - Street kids’ involvement

Team: George Alfred Masete

Frederick Katongole

Ibrahim Ssenyonjo

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