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App for Uganda against Hidden Hunger

Short description

The app presents all current and previous projects in Uganda against hidden hunger on a map. It networks organisations and actors with the aim of optimising aid.

The problem we aim to solve

There are already many large and small important projects that combat certain phenomena of hidden hunger. By linking and networking organisations and people, their reach is extended and their efficiency increased: interested citizens can find projects in their region to participate. Actors who want to initiate projects will find partners with whom they can work and exchange ideas via the app.

Our solution

Active and completed projects can be selected on maps and their contact persons can be identified. The clear presentation makes it easy to identify areas where action is required. All organizations that fight hidden hunger know this app. Among other things, the population is informed about the app and its functions in workshops. This not only promotes the linking and networking of organisations and actors, but also proposes projects and finds people on the ground and around the world who want to participate. The app is available in English and several local languages. It is supervised by Ugandan students and is always kept up to date. All information in the app can also be accessed via a website.

Why is the app helpful?
For example, a mother from the village of Sala in Wakiso wants to start a group for mothers who work together to grow nutritious vegetables for their families. She can’t just go to the surrounding villages to find out if similar groups already exist there because the travel costs are too high. She opens the app, selects her region on the map and finds the telephone number of a woman from the neighbouring village who is running a similar project to exchange ideas with her. The map in the app also shows in color which large NGO in their region is working and which contacts they can contact.

The innovativeness of our approach

The app uses the potential of smartphones. As an example, use beyond Facebook will be disseminated and media competence will be promoted in the workshops. The networking of people and organisations facilitates and strengthens the independent action of Ugandan actors and global exchange. Together with an overview of other projects, this promotes the emergence of new ideas and their effective implementation. The approach can be applied to other countries and topics.

Technologies and Methods

The central medium are smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices on which the app is used. The app is distributed and promoted via social networks, leaflets and workshops to use the app.

The app itself provides user-friendly access to an extensive database. During the development of the app, existing development environments and the exchange with Ugandan partners via the Internet (social networks/e-mail/cloud/…) are used.

Potential Partners

The following partners would be helpful for the implementation of our idea:

  • existing social infrastructure in villages where workshops are offered (e.g. village elders, church/mosque, school)
  • Ugandan students of computer science, linguistics, marketing
  • Translators* (including students, if applicable)
  • Consulting by professional app developers*in
  • Aid organisations such as Brot für die Welt/ Plan international/ Caritas/ muslimehelfen e. V…, responsible ministries of the Ugandan government


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

App for Uganda against Hidden Hunger

Team: Hannah Kochanek

Merve Osmanbeyoglu

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