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Students4Kids EN » Action against poorly balanced diet to eradicate hidden hunger

Action against poorly balanced diet to eradicate hidden hunger

Short description

The project is designed to organize communities for training on how to manage a proper balanced diet. In this case we shall provide trainings to farmers that brings high yield and income.

The problem we aim to solve

We would like to tackle poor diet systems since most people in villages still defend on only one type of diet for a daily basis, this is due to high level of poverty which leaves many village people with limited access to proper diet. We shall organize people in groups so that we can provide and guide them on how to balance their diet properly. We shall also provide knowledge and skills on modern agriculture so that we make all diets available for people in the villages, encouraging farmers to carry out good agricultural practices and agribusiness development skills will provide high and good quality yield that will make them to get income and fight against poverty since it is the cause to hidden hunger in our communities.

Our solution

The hunger problems can be prevented by good balanced diet. Diet which is not well balanced cannot fight hidden hunger since most food nutrients will be lacking in our body, this good balance diet can only be seen by encouraging farmers to carry out good agricultural practices and encouraging agribusiness development that will make good yield hence fighting poverty and hunger. This will increase dietary diversity in the community. Dietary diversity is associated with better child nutritional outcome, even when controlling for socioeconomic factors. In the long term, dietary diversification ensures a healthy diet that contains a balanced and adequate combination of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins); essential micronutrients and other food-based substance such as dietary fiber. A variety of cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables and animal-source food provides adequate nutrition for most people, although certain populations such as pregnant women, may need supplements. Effective ways to promote dietary diversity involve food-based strategies such as home gardening and educating people on better infant and young child feeding practices, food preservation, and storage/prevention methods to prevent nutrient loss ways. This will help to fight hidden hunger.

The innovativeness of our approach

The project is innovative because even poor people can be trained on how to grow varieties of crops and keeping livestock. We shall also encourage agribusiness development by training farmers on how to manage their small enterprise. This shall help them to raise some money. We shall also guide people in the communities on how to practice good balanced diet in their families.

Technologies and Methods

We hope to provide technical knowledge and skills on agriculture to get high and all varieties of agro-based products. This shall be done by training farmers in groups and helping them to get support from the government. This will make them to raise some income so that they can buy what they do not produce in their farms. We shall also go to social places like markets, churches, schools and hospitals to teach more about the benefits of well-balanced diet.

Potential Partners

Uganda as a country has quite a number of people involved in fight against hidden hunger and poverty and some are individual investors, our project will intend to partner with Food for the Hungry, UNICEF, Action against Hunger, Mercy Corps and the government of Uganda.


Voting ends on June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm (CEST).

Action against poorly balanced diet to eradicate hidden hunger

Team: Okello Tonny

Odongo Ronald

Gulu Laban

Akello Sahara Ongiro

Agwenyer Sam

Apio Dessilah Vivian

Odongo Jasper

Oguma Jaspher

Odongo Joel

Auma Nancy Ongom

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