Winning Projects 2016

Step By Step

Mainz, October 16th 2017 The Enset team is still in an intensive planning phase for further steps. We welcomed Ermias Molla the...
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After the Journey

Mainz, August 15th 2017 The trip to Zambia to kick off of the project was a great success for all participants. The...
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On Hold

Aachen, July 1st 2017 After long periods of rain, the absence of sun days and technical problems, the installation in Zambia is...
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Promising Prospects

Lusaka/Mainz, June 15th 2017 Last week on Whitsunday was the date we have all been waiting for. After a long and intensive preparation,...
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Prototype Development

Aachen, June 1st 2017 The prototype in the Eifel was smaller than the actual installation in Zambia due to lack of space....
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What happened so far

Aachen, May 1st 2017 Since the participation in the Students4Kids competition 2016, a lot has happened in our project. Our main focus...
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