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Students4Kids EN » Apps for Sustainable Adjustment of Lifestyle Changes

Apps for Sustainable Adjustment of Lifestyle Changes

Apps for Sustainable Adjustment of Lifestyle Changes

How apps should be designed to support sustainable lifestyle changes and thus prevent diseases, remains a contentious issue. The second Digital Health Market Report in November 2015 stated that the time for fun health apps is over: Digital innovations will serve in the future directly for everyday medical practice. Eight megatrends are named in applications for e-Health:

  • Apps for analysis of everyday life (eg: aryaapp.co, xbird.io).
  • Health Coaching To Go (eg: curendo.de, mawendo.de, novego.de)
  • In clinical studies testet therapy apps (eg: caterna.de, tinnitracks.de).
  • Patient files on smartphones (eg: connected-health.eu)
  • Online Consultation (eg: patientus.de, arztkonsultation.de)
  • Pharmacy on smartphones (eg: apoly.de, medisafe.com).
  • Smartphones in conjunction with pocket ECG (eg: preventicus.com, cardiogo.de, lifepatch.eu).
  • Patient-eHealth-Communities (eg crohnlogs.de, dedoc.de)

The apps of the future should excel by three characteristics: They relate to everyday needs of users, are easy to use and intelligently made.

Read and see more (unfortunately following source is only avalaible in German):
E-PATIENT RSD. Digitaler Gesundheitsmarkt Report (DGM). November11, 2015. Link: http://epatient-rsd.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/PM_EPatientRSD_11Nov2015.pdf and http://epatient-rsd.com/marktanalyse-digitaler-gesundheitsmarkt/

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