United We Shall Combine Hands and Give Each Other Hope

Short description

With increasing changes in weather, food production in Uganda has dropped drastically thus the quality of food people feed on has low required nutrients causing a deficiency in micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals needed for growth, the biggest victims being pregnant women and children between 5 months and 6years. The major crops grown in Uganda are staple for example maize, rice and cassava which provide large amounts of energy but low vitamins. The project will reach out to affected families and sensitize them with knowledge on how to increase production of more varied foodstuff.

The problem I aim to solve

Pregnant women and infants are the biggest victims of hidden hunger. Based on rural village settings, mothers and their young children are often given less attention, leaving them with a big burden of sustaining their own livelihood and are in most cases denied their rights. Given the fact that most of the homesteads survive on one meal per day it makes it hard for a mother to give birth to a healthy baby which may also result into high infant mortality rate. Most of the mothers are not well informed or have no idea on how to feed themselves during pregnancy and after they have given birth.

My solution

There is a need for mass sensitization on the adverse effects of hidden hunger which at times don’t show but cause a lot of setbacks resulting into loss of lives. Using agriculture to improve on the nutrition, basing on the fact that most Ugandans survive on agriculture. It would be good to encourage the locals to move away from subsistence farming which only provides temporary cover for hunger to commercial farming that yields more thus enabling families to provide for themselves materials ranging from home necessities to scholastic materials. Further aspects of our solution are:

  • Social protection that provides poor families with access to nutritious foods comprising both macronutrients and micronutrients since they are essential to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and infants.
  • Government support on price fluctuation of staple foods and other foods required at home. Improving on the hygiene of homes.
  • Encouraging mothers to breastfeed their new born children for at least 16 to 24months.

The innovativeness of my approach

Since most Ugandans survive on agriculture, the basic problems to tackle and raise an innovative idea are:

  1. Poverty
  2. Subsistence farming
  3. Inadequate farming knowledge.

The above three can be handled by doing a one on one family sensitization (moving door to door)  ranging from health issues, farming methods and teaching families how to start home gardening.

Technologies and Methods

The technologies and methods are:

  • Encouraging irrigation when they start commercial farming
  • Seeking medical advice from qualified medical personnel
  • Mass sensitization to families
  • Bridging the gap between parents through counselling
  • Encouraging growth of both staple and non-staple foods.

Potential Partners

Potential partners include the Ugandan Ministry of Health, the National Agriculture Advisory services (NAADS), the village health teams and media houses.


Das Voting endet am 24. Juni 2018, 23:59 Uhr.

United We Shall Combine Hands and Give Each Other Hope

Team: Francis Wandera

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