Teso Initiative for Women Empowerment-Soroti

Short description

In this church-based project a group of female influencers will receive vocational and apprenticeship training. They will then pass on this knowledge to other women and society as a whole.

The problem we aim to solve

The project will target rural women who constitute majority of the poor and are further disadvantaged by their subordinate status in Uganda’s male dominated society. Poverty in society is evident, but with  lack of motivation among the women and girls, the dominant, negative attitude constraints them the more as they are regarded as inferior and suitable only as home makers, child careers, and if offered employment should be considered for low-skilled, low productive, low status jobs calling for little intellect display.

Our solution

This project will help in eradicating poverty among women and conserving environment. It will bring together church and local communities, local leaders and other resource persons to identify and address the plight of rural women while conserving the environment in a coordinated manner. This project will target rural women who constitute majority of the poor and are further disadvantaged by their subordinate status in Uganda’s male dominated society. Empowerment of the rural women means improving the lives of their children, households and the entire society. The project will focus on mobilizing 60 rural women into 6 Self Help Groups (SHGs) and educating them on aspects of Vocational skills in bakery, sewing, knitting, skills in mushroom growing, jewelry, environmental conservation, agro-livestock, project proposal writing, HIV/AIDS and Financial management. The project is expected to benefit 200 household members and spillover effects that will benefit other nearby societies. The project will be based in Kampala- Soroti Municipality but with operations in other parts of Soroti District.

The innovativeness of our approach

The church has for long kept a low profile and done very little to economically empower women. It has successfully embarked on spreading the spiritual gospel but ignored the material gospel.  They forgot that the way to a man’s heart is via the stomach; a hungry man is also angry and has not time for anything else. The Teso Initiative for Women Empowerment [TIWE] project is therefore designed to fill this gap and make a contribution to the empowerment of women in Soroti diocese.

Technologies and Methods

  1. Empowerment, confidence of women and family welfare improved.
  2. Use of energy saving devices/technologies among a wide spectrum of stakeholders
  3. Sustainable use of the environment farming enhanced methods practiced
  4. Women self help group committees established and functional
  5. Participating community based monitoring and evaluation established.
  6. Improved household incomes enabling women to meet the needs of their families including the education of their children.

Potential Partners

The project intends to integrate cross cutting issues of HIV/AIDS and environmental conservation in project activities of empowering women and networking with partners.


Das Voting endet am 24. Juni 2018, 23:59 Uhr.

Teso Initiative for Women Empowerment-Soroti

Team: Samuel Ediau

Simon Ocen

Samson Opio

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