Technology against Hidden Hunger

Short description

Increasing the technological level of rice production in Côte d’Ivoire.

Which problem do we aim to solve and why?

The problem that we are aiming to solve is the very low usage of technology in rise cultures in Côte d’Ivoire. We are targeting two specific problems: increasing the quantity and the quality of the local rice that will eradicate the hunger in Côte d’Ivoire.

Our solution

Our solution to the ever present hunger in Côte d’Ivoire is the implementation of more technological solutions in the local rise production, which will then improve boh the quantity and quality of rice and supply a more stable production of this foodstuff.

Why is our idea innovative, new or different?

Our idea is innovative in that it involves implementing as-of-yet unused technology in local rice farming. This will help to improve the quality and then the quantity of this food which is the first basic food of the Ivorians. Encouraging producers to use locally adapted mini combine harvesters is another way to increase the quantity and quality of locally produced rice.

How is our idea feasible?

My idea is possible in the sense that we are going to highlight the combine harvesters at the service of the rural population. The contribution of these combine harvesters will improve the quality of local rice and, in turn, increase the quantity and allow the population to eat and consume local foodstuff.

Which technologies, channels or methods are we we planning to use?

Promote access to appropriate new technologies such as the mini-combine harvester at the farmer level to encourage producers to specialize in production This practice contributes to the fragmentation of the milled local rice market and discourages private investment. The promotion of private investment in efficient rice processing technologies, such as mini-rice mills with integrated function of quality rice-picking, polishing and sorting, will stimulate the development of the local rice value.

What outcome and what improvements do we expect? How do we measure these?

A combine used in Côte d’Ivoire could harvest 192 ha of rice in one month. Rice processing is dominated by small hullers, the majority of which produce a finished product that does not meet the quality standards of urban and rural consumers.

Our budget planning & acquisition of potential partners

The estimate of the budget would amount to 50 million, ie more than twenty mini-combines adapted locally and then training. The partner is immediately AfricaRice and other private partners to finance this project as the World Bank.

Technology against Hidden Hunger

Team:   ATSE KAMBO MARTIAL, ASSERI Kanga Melodie, N’DRI Patrick, YAPO Apo Florence

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