Strategic Methods for Fighting Hidden Hunger in Uganda

Short description

Uganda being a third world country with unstable economy, has made it hard for people to do agriculture because rain is not predictable and modern methods of farming like use of irrigation, watering basins and harvesting rain water have not been adopted. It is on this ground that I will teach people about modern methods that can bring in good harvest and income.

The problem I aim to solve

I want to tackle modern methods of farming since many people in the villages are still using traditional techniques and this gives low returns and harvest. When they change modern methods of farming, there income will increase, food security and improved livelihood will follow.

My solution

The hunger problem can be prevented through effective early warning systems, the establishment of food reserves, and support to irrigation and water-harvesting in dry areas, mass production of staples and conservation of Uganda’s lands and plant and animal species.

The innovativeness of my approach

Empowering women and girls through Agriculture, leadership and entrepreneurship, as women are always left behind in Africa.

Technologies and Methods

Leadership Networks: A leadership network is a powerful strategy to promote the adoption of an agriculture farming method, genderinformed approach in reducing hunger and malnutrition.

Evidence-based Advocacy: The team will achieve change not only because they were widely respected, but also because they will use evidence from their own case studies, from empirical data, and from the literature to make their case,

Action-oriented Solutions: The leader will go beyond the “why” to the “how” by providing decision makers and other actors with specific measures and strategies to use in agriculture.

Capacity Strengthening and Learning: The project’s annual workshops will strengthen the team members’ knowledge of agriculture and nutrition

Gender Knowledge and Skills: As a result of the Agriculture-Nutrition Advantage project, network members will improve their understanding and use of gender analysis as a research and planning methodology.

Potential Partners

Potential partners are: World Food Program, The Hunger Project and Feed the Children.


Das Voting endet am 24. Juni 2018, 23:59 Uhr.

Strategic methods for fighting Hidden Hunger in Uganda

Team: Ketty Nasila

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