Serve bones no more: Time up for nutritious fish

Short description

Our idea is one that enables individual household families to rear fish that can meet their domestic food needs. The idea proposes home pond fish farming and using small tanks.

The problem we aim to solve

In Uganda, fish is a major export earner towards GDP and thus the best quality fish is exported. As the canned fish, they remove fish skeletal parts and bones that have no nutritional value which are sold to native citizens at cheap prices. Owing to the high poverty levels in the country, this is what our parents can afford. They buy, prepare and all we eat is the soup and bones, but no nutritional value. This is what an average Ugandan child grows up eating being deprived off all essential nutrients as we all know that fish is among most nutritious foodstuffs.

Our solution

Thus, our team has identified the short comings of capture method of getting fish directly from water bodies. Besides since some locations are far from water bodies, they buy the fish expensively as they have to meet the transport costs. Besides fish is highly perishable yet our poor local fish mongers cannot afford refrigeration services. This leads to increased consumption of spoilt fish. We have come up with a solution that even communities not particularly doing fishing as a business can raise and feed on nutritious food. You don’t have to be neighboring a water body. The approach allows local people to build small sized fish ponds even in the compound or using small tanks to raise fish that can meet family fish needs. This is a proven effective method as yield from this is 4 times greater than fish harvest from the capture method. Our approach will include digging ditches, putting dam linings. The initial cost is very cheap, but if one is to put dam linings, the costs raises a bit much higher. Our clients repay after getting harvests. We offer consultancy and training, undertake research, quality fish fingerlings.

The innovativeness of our approach

The approach adopted by our team is that it allows any person, whether with land or not, whether close to a water body or not to rear fish. In the end, everyone is able to raise their own fish, to get both nutritious food and to as well sell surplus for other purposes. This helps offer permanent eradication to the current practice of parents buying non nutritious fish skeletons left after canning fish in the name of buying their children fish that deprives them essential nutrients throughout their growth

Technologies and Methods

We mainly use low power solar pumps, aerators, dam linings. Other technologies include filters and tanks.

Potential Partners

  • Ministry of Agriculture, animal, industry and fisheries
  • Baltic Uganda (Dam linings)
  • District Fisheries Officers
  • Water pump suppliers like Davis & Shirtliff


Das Voting endet am 24. Juni 2018, 23:59 Uhr.

Serve bones no more: Time up for nutritious fish

Team: Tumwijukye Shaban

Kadoma Margret

Kwikiriza Benon

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