Red Meat Powder for Strong Ivorian Children

Short description

With 5mg of iron, red meat is a food capable of enhancing the growth of children. We propose to make dried red meat powder. The children will be able to consume it easily.

Which problem do we aim to solve and why?

Ivorian children suffer from malnutrition, all of which leads to death and slows down growth in children. Children are the future of any nation but very fragile. The Ivory Coast is a country producing many agricultural products, but there is a deficiency in the diet of children. They eat little red meat, little chocolate, little leaf paste. There is, however, a lot of starch in the diet of children, especially in rural areas.

Our solution

With regard to all the available food that can increase the iron in the organism of children, we propose red meat. It is by far the one which contains the most iron. The cost of meat in Côte d’Ivoire is high (2.200 Franc CFA / kg or 3,35 euros), many families cannot afford it. In northern Côte d’Ivoire, just as in Niger, Mauritania and Mali, there is this meat in dried form. We propose to make this meat dried powder, and put it at the disposal of the children in sachets. Parents can use it in children’s meals as a seasoning. With their fragile teeth, the children will be able to consume them very easily and to fill their iron deficiency.

Why is our idea innovative, new or different?

Our idea is innovative because the product we offer is unique on the Ivorian market. With red meat powder, we give children 0 to 5 years the opportunity to fill their iron deficiency. The sale price will also be available on all exchanges and children will be able to consume the product without difficulty.

How is our idea feasible?

Our idea is feasible because our team is out of the incubation center of the DNA NGO in Côte d’Ivoire with a solid experience in entrepreneurship. We have been working together for two years on various projects and have the capacity to implement this idea. We have already contacted suppliers of dried meat in Côte d’Ivoire and Mauritania. As volunteers at the DNA NGO, we are in contact with several Associations working in the field of children.

Which technologies, channels or methods are we planning to use?

The process is as follows:

We order dried meat (meat) from our suppliers, once we have it, we proceed to a dry cleaning of the meat. Then the meat is ground to obtain the powder. This powder will be packed in 100 g sachets and sold to mothers. Mothers will use this meat as a seasoning in all children’s meals. We plan to install the crushing unit in Abidjan. We will receive dried meat by train.

What outcome and what improvements do we expect? How do we measure these?

Expected results:

Improving the health of Ivorian children.

Presence of zinc and magnesium in the Ivorian child.

The mortality rate is reduced in the Ivorian child from 0 to 5 years.

Reduction of invisible hunger.

Our budget planning & acquisition of potential partners

The realization of this project will cost 9.800 euros. We will do so in partnership with the Ministry of Animal Resources, the Korhogo Breeders’ Cooperative and Sitarail (for meat transport).

Red Meat Powder for Strong Ivorian Children

Team:  Adon Jacquelin

Bouhassah Oscar

Boko Jean Philippe

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