Nsujju – The Effective Remedy & Prophylaxis for Physical and Mental Stunting of Children

Short description

The hard-cover pumpkin is rich with micronutrients. Availing families with viable seed, teaching them how to grow it, preserve its fruit, seeds and leaves to supplement their regular macro-balanced to reduce poor health and improve the physical and intellectual potential of young Ugandans.

The problem we aim to solve

Physical and mental stunting of unborn babies and children under the age of 3 due to undernourishment, micronutrient deficiency, lack of information and failure of absorption of nutrients because of disease.

Pumpkin is a common plant in Uganda and has a wide range of micronutrients. It can be consumed in different forms and by all age groups. Pumpkin has the resilience to grow in different regions of Uganda in all seasons. Its nutritional benefits are unknown to the people that need it the most and they have shoved it aside in favour of staple foods.

Our solution
  1. Ugandans need to be educated on the nutritious wealth of pumpkins
  2. They need to be shown how to economically grow hardcover pumpkins
  3. They need to be introduced to and adapt non-costly and organic technologies to grow local varieties of pumpkin
  4. It is important to select and promote local varieties that can be preserved longer at low/no cost
  5. It is important to share technologies of drying and preserving the pumpkin fruits, seeds and leaves with their intact nutritive value.
  6. The need to learn how to package, brand, and market pumpkin products.
  7. It is important to establish demonstration plots and resource centres to empower natives on Eco-friendly methods of cultivating pumpkin.
  8. Absorption of nutrients among the sick and expectant mothers should be improved

The innovativeness of our approach

  1. Promotion of biotechnologies
  2. Manufacturing juice, wines and pumpkin powders for bio-fortification
  3. Maximizing space for the growing plants for high yields
  4. Low cost drying and preservation technologies which preserve the nutritional value of the fruits, seeds and leaves
  5. Best selection of locally available fertilizers
  6. Income generation at household level with limited input
  7. Demonstration resource points for consultation by locals
  8. Promotion of irrigation for all-year-round cultivation
  9. Local technique for drying seeds for the next planting season

Technologies and Methods

  1. Preparation of organic pesticide concoction from local farm materials
  2. Solar drying techniques (local and contemporary)
  3. Balancing and managing ph levels of locally obtained organic fertilizers
  4. Well measured and raised paddocks of specially prepared soils and leveled gardens with galley-paths to improve rooting of the runners and balanced infiltration of irrigated water.
  5. Horse pipes drilled with nooses for irrigation
  6. A reliable and consistent water source
  7. Dry viable seeds of a select resilient variety

Potential Partners

  1. Kabanyolo Agricultural Farm of Makerere University
  2. Namulonge Agricultural research institute
  3. Uganda National Bureau of Standards
  4. Media Houses (local television, radios and newspapers)
  5. Local farm/land owners in different regions around Uganda for Hire of plots for demonstration gardens
  6. Assmann-Foundation for Prevention
  7. Department of Entomology, Entebbe – Uganda
  8. Department of Botany – Makerere University


Das Voting endet am 24. Juni 2018, 23:59 Uhr.

Nsujju - The Effective Remedy & Prophylaxis for Physical and Mental Stunting of Children

Team: Ivan Kiyuba

Richard Mugabi

Dorcus Kisakye

Akello Sharon

Nabisere Mary

Ofwono Charles

Tumwine George

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