Information Access Action for Children’s Nutrition

Short description

Information Access and Advocacy Fighting Malnutrition

Which problem do I/we aim to solve ? and why?

There has been little action towards addressing the causes and dangers of malnutrition in Zambia. This can mainly be attributed to inadequate political will and knowledge about nutrition to citizens. Unfortunately, the above has led to most children being denied the right to nutrition as enshrined in the Universal Right to food under the UN Economic Social and Cultural Rights.

My/Our idea for a solution

The idea is based on enhancing easy access to information, rights advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising. This will address the objective of fighting malnutrition by supporting and advocating for policies that will bring the desired change, it will also focus on building a strong membership with the ability to influence issues surrounding malnutrition and will also respond to the need for knowledge.

Why is my/our solution an innovative idea and tackles the challenge from a new

While many of the stakeholders such as the government’s Food and Nutrition Commission and NGOs have used radio and other media , the power of mobile phones in tackling problems of this nature have not been utilized, sending messages to the  rightful targets has not been utilized before.

How is my/our idea feasible?

The idea is feasible in the sense that it is cheaper, most people have phones and there are organisations that are involved in addressing the problems hence, human resource, skills and information will not be a challenge. Therefore, consultations would be easily done from collaborating with organisations that are already involved.

Which methods and channels do I/we want to utilise?

The project will use a variety of channels, firstly it will be done through mobile messaging by partnering with telecommunication companies and the development of an app for information sharing. Community radio stations shall also be used in that they are widely distributed in the country.

What’s my/our expected outcome and improvement?

he expected outcome is to have a well-informed, healthy nation with widely available nutrition information. On the other hand, to have concrete government involvement in the fight against malnutrition.

What's my/our budget and which partners I/we would expect to be valuable

Civil Society Organization Scaling Up Nutrition (CSO SUN) and the Alliance against hunger and malnutrition and the budget estimate is Euro 9, 175

Information Access Action for Children's Nutrition

Team: Zondwayo Duma

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