Feeding Future Generations

Short description

They say children are the future leaders of tomorrow’s society and indeed they are. It is for this reason that we have to ease their plight with a lot of consideration.

Which problem do I/we aim to solve ? and why?

Kids’ nutrition: Zambia is among many other countries in Africa with quite a huge number of malnourished children both in rural and urban areas. However, we have to devise programmes designed to address the plight of children because the state of one’s health at a tender age is very vital and has a significant impact on children’s health (the physical, mental and social well-being which are vital areas).

My idea for a solution

Promoting the proper feeding of children with intentions of improving their nutrition will help many children in Zambia avoid malnutrition related complications. Once this project is implemented, parents (especially mothers) with learn of the importance of ensuring that children are provided with a diverse food selection. Better still, a proper feeding programme of children contributes positively to human development society.

Why is my/our solution an innovative idea and tackles the challenge from a new perspective

This approach still remains outstanding due to the fact that there are not many young people who have taken the initiative to embark on activities aimed at solving issues with nutrition of kids in our communities. The strategic approach of using media and consultative meetings amongst others to reach out to people is also unique.

How is my/our idea feasible?

Implementation of this project is easily possible in that they are a lot of malnourished children in many parts of Zambia. Wider engagement of affected children through their parents and nutritionist representing local institutions. The usage of the aforementioned channels will promote and encourage positive feedback from people.

Which methods and channels do I/we want to utilise?

Radio programmes, consultative meetings and basic training in sanitation and hygiene to mothers and health center volunteers will be used in order to achieve the objectives of the project. This will help us to reach major stakeholders such as mothers, community members and health centers etc.

What’s my/our expected outcome and improvement?

The attitude of mothers with children will change for the better because this project will enable them to gain the required knowledge regarding the nutrition of their children. Government health centers and NGOs in nutritional activities are expected to enhance their programmes as they would seek more partnership via this project.

What's my/our budget and which partners I/we would expect to be valuable

A number of activities expected to be undertaken and roughly cost k125.000 (~10.000€). Some partners that would be valuable: programmes against malnutrition (PAM), ministry of community development, mother and child health, world vision

Feeding Future Generations

Team: Luwaya Julius

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