Empowering the Youth, Women and Underprivileged through Innovative Ideas

Short description

Fascinating, encouraging and innovative – strategies and education programs.

Which problem do I/we aim to solve ? and why?
  1. The problem of poverty and inadequate food security, especially among the young, women and underprivileged
  2. The problem of high mortality rates
  3. The problem of poor methods of farming that lead to poverty among many people, lack of survival skills in the community and poor nutrition for the under five year-old, resulting in death rates.
  4. The problem of street kids and crime.

Our/My idea for a solution
  1. Provide nutrition strategies and nutritional education programs
  2. Provide decent education and short programs for entrepreneurship
  3. Provision of short term loans among the young, women and  underprivileged
  4. Resolve issues of high mortality rates in the community
  5. Provide good methods of farming and agricultural strategies

Why is my/our solution an innovative idea and tackles the challenge from a new  perspective

Its innovative in that it aims to combat poverty providing employment to the  young, women and underprivileged to empower them with skills for independency and self-reliance. It will also provide sensitisation on good methods of farming as well as nutrition programs for children and generally high food security in the community.

How is my/our idea feasible?

Through introduction of short entrepreneur skills programs especially tailoring, carpentry and short computer courses.

We shall also embark on introduction of revolving fund for women and youth groupings in form of loans and nutrition groups and sensitisation programs.

Which methods and channels do I/we want to utilise?

I would utilise local radio stations, television, magazines, posters, flyers and newspapers, as well using personal adverts and phones. Peer education utilising computers, the internet and social media will be an effective addition as well.

What’s my/our expected outcome and improvement?

Job creation, lowered death rates among infants, poverty alleviation, security, higher entrepreneur skills and abilities among the young, women and underprivileged. Zero tolerance for crime amongst the young.

What's my/our budget and which partners I/we would expect to be valuable

Entrepreneurial skills: £5000, Evolving fund: £2000, Admin Costs: £1000, Nutrition/Farming sensitisation: £900, Wages £600, Others: £500

Total Costs: £10,000

Partners: Foundation for Underprivileged in Africa

Empowering the Youth, women and Underprivileged through Innovative ideas

Team: Musonda Columbus

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